An Uncomplicated Solution for Delinquent Accounts That is as Professional as You Are.

Your medical office team members are experts at time management and problem solving. When the issue of delinquent accounts comes up, you need an effective, low maintenance solution that can match the professionalism and relationship skills of your team.

We understand the reasons why your patients are delinquent…and we know how to help.

National HealthCare offers delinquent account support that brings your patient accounts current while preserving the patient/physician relationship.

Your medical office team members are busy and focused making your office run smoothly and building relationships with patients. Collection activities take up valuable time and often strain the relationships they have worked hard to build.

A payment plan based on your patients’ budgets is within reach.

Why We're Different

When we started the business, early experiences taught us the importance of strongly aligning our service model with our core values. We took a step back and instead of just building great systems and processes, we dedicated ourselves to building a great team.

We focused on recruiting, hiring and training individuals who could embrace our core values of Respect, Dignity, Empathy and Teamwork. As a result, each of our team members has a combination of healthcare collection experience and strong connection to the culture of our organization.

Ready to Start Resolving Your Delinquent Accounts?

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    Results & Peace of Mind

    Your busy office staff can get back to taking care of patients. The NHC solution combines results with peace of mind. Our agents are trained to understand why your patients are delinquent and to develop personalized solutions. We conduct appropriate research, correspond with your patients and develop a payment option that fits their needs and brings accounts current.


    Transparent Reporting

    NHC provides exceptional reporting access to our clients. Our Client Access Web™ tool delivers performance reports on a daily basis. Clients can check on the collection status of accounts and:

    • Edit account data–easily update patient information such as new address or
      phone number
    • Post payments made in your office on NHC accounts for instant status update

    FDCPA & HIPAA Compliant

    NHC understands and complies with FDCPA and HIPAA standards. NHC employs a Compliancy Officer and has studied both regulations in order to take appropriate action to comply in conjunction with assisting our customers’ compliance efforts.